Group Participation (Hub & Spoke)

Hub and Spoke Meeting Model

Group Participation: Gather Locally with your Colleagues.

For those who are seeking an engaging experience but unable to travel to Rome, we are encouraging regional gatherings of delegates (of course, following local safety guidelines). With virtual meeting technology, we can broadcast IGCS sessions from the “Hub” in Rome to smaller auditoriums or meeting rooms around the world participating as “Spoke” locations.

We are hopeful that our regional society partners will take advantage of this opportunity. The Scientific Program Chairs have worked to schedule programming times so different regions of the world are able to participate in real-time. Ideal times for Spoke gatherings may vary depending on the location and time zone of the spoke.

Here’s what you’ll need to participate as a Spoke:

1. Identify a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) from the region who will moderate a designated session from the Spoke and communicate with the Hub in Rome.
2. Identify a Local Meeting Secretary to communicate with the IGCS and the local group regarding details related to the Spoke assembly. Assemble a minimum group of 50 individuals and register them through the Group Registration process. We are pleased to offer discounted group rates and each delegate will receive access to the virtual meeting platform.
3. Identify a location for the group to meet and ensure technical requirements can be met.
a. Appropriate audiovisual equipment to display the presentations to your audience.
b. The designated Key Opinion Leader must have the technology to communicate with the Hub by voice or video.
c. System Requirements: View Supported Operating Systems and Browsers to access the IGCS Virtual Meeting Platform
If you are interested in setting up a Spoke location to participate in one or more sessions taking place during the IGCS 2021 Annual Global Meeting, please reach out to Mary Eiken our CEO